Contributions at the XXth National Astronomy Meeting Done by Our Group

Group members of the Extragalactic Astronomy presented their works at the 20th National Astronomy Meeting.


National Astronomy Meetings take place every two years. 20th meeting took place in Ataturk University, Erzurum.

Below, you can find the list of contributions (talk/poster) done by group members:

Possible Focal Plane Instruments for the DAG Telescope Considering the Scientific Rationale, Sinan ALİŞ (in Turkish)

XXL Galaxy Cluster Survey, Sinan ALİŞ (in Turkish)

Spectroscopic Investigation of AGNs, Korhan YELKENCİ (in Turkish)

Star Formation Activities in Brightest Cluster Galaxies, Süleyman FİŞEK (in Turkish)

Impact of Environment on the Gas Content of Elliptical Galaxies, E. Kaan ÜLGEN (in Turkish) (Poster)


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